Test the Code

This is a follow up to Debug the Code.

Write tests for your ‘Debug the Code’ code for the following cases and save it in a file called Tests-R.R. Make corrections/improvements to the ‘Debug the Code’ code so that all of your tests pass.

test_that("get_gc_content() works",

  1. on a sequence represented by upper case string.
  2. on a sequence represented by lower case string.
  3. on a sequence represented by mixed case string.
  4. on a sequence represented by multiline string.

In an email accompanying your “updated” code, Dr. Granger indicated that the specifications for the earlength size classes were:

  1. extralarge: earlength >= 15
  2. large: 10 <= earlength < 15
  3. medium: 8 <= earlength < 10
  4. small: earlength < 8

test_that("get_size_class() works",

  1. for each case when the numbers are in the range,
  2. for the edgecases of 8, 10, and 15,
  3. but the function fails if non-numerical values are input as an argument (e.g., a string from a header row that didn’t get removed).
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