Version Control Basic

Adding a Remote

This is a follow up to Commit Multiple Files.

Dr. Granger contacts you and lets you know that she’d like to be able to see what you’ve been doing and to share some more files with you. She’s been learning version control herself while on sabbatical and so she suggests that you use a shared git repository on the hosting site Github.

  1. Create an account on Github.
    • If you want to work in a public repository you can create one by clicking
      on the + button in the top right hand corner of the Github website. If you’d rather have a private repository for class, email your username to your professor and they will create a repository for you.
  2. Connect your local git repository to your remote repository on Github.
    • Click on the with the word More next to it and select Shell.
    • Go to the Github webpage for your repository and copy the two lines of code under push an existing repository from the command line.
    • Paste them into the Shell.
    • Press enter.
  3. Go back to the Github webpage for your repository and you should see your files.