Version Control Basic

Commit Multiple Files

This is a follow up to Importing Data.

After talking with Dr. Granger you realize that houseelf-earlength-dna-data.csv is only the first of many files to come. To help keep track of the files you’ll need to number them, so rename the current file houseelf_earlength_dna_data_1.csv and change your R code to reflect this name change.

Git will initially think you’ve deleted houseelf-earlength-dna-data.csv and created a new file houseelf_earlength_dna_data_1.csv. But once you click on both the old and new files to stage them, git will recognize what’s been done and indicate that it is renaming the files and indicate this with an R.

In a single commit, add renaming of the data file and the changes to the R file.