Version Control Basic

Set Up Git

This exercise and Version Control Basics assignment references the Data Management Review problem. It will not be necessary to complete the Data Management Review exercise for this assignment, though we encourage the review and self-evaluation of your problem solving wizardry.

You’re continuing your analyses of house-elves with Dr. Granger. Unfortunately you weren’t using version control and one day your cat jumped all over your keyboard and managed to replace your analysis code with:



before somehow hitting Ctrl-s and overwriting all of your hard word.

Determined to not let this happen again you’ve committed to using git for version control.

Install git for your operating system following the setup instructions. Then create a new project for this assignment in RStudio with the following steps:

  1. File -> New Project -> New Directory -> Empty Project.
  2. Choose where to put your project.
  3. Select Create a git repository.
  4. If everything worked in the upper right corner of RStudio you should see a Git tab.