Each week, start with the assignments tab. This will have the readings and excercises for the week on it. If you are having trouble, feel free to check out the lecture, however, as this is made for someone familiar with R, it may not be as helpful to a learner.

Week Language Lesson Reading Lecture Assignment
1 Planning Class
2 MLK Day
3 R Introduction to R and RStudio
4 R Working with Data
5 R Knitr
6 R Data Visualization
7 R Programming Fundamentals 1
8 R Programming Fundamentals 2
9 Spring Break
10 Mid Semester Feedback
11 R Working with Spatial Data
12 R Working with Raster Data
13 R Interactive Graphics
14 LaTeX LaTeX
15 R Version Control Basics
16 R Collaboration in Git
17 Closure and Feedback

This schedule is just a suggestion and will be updated following the first class period.

The above assignments are for this specific version of the course, but other assignments are available as well. You can see the full list of assignments, which may be useful if you’re using this material outside of an organized course.