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Advanced Queries Joins 1
Advanced Queries Joins 2
Advanced Queries Joins 3
Advanced Queries Joins 4
Advanced Queries Nested Queries
Aggregation Count
Aggregation Sum
Basic Queries Filtering
Basic Queries Grouping 1
Basic Queries Grouping 2
Basic Queries Selecting
Basic Queries Sorting
Database Control Creating Tables
Database Control Importing Tables
Database Structure Redundancy
Database Structure Split Cells
Database Tools Forms 1
Database Tools Forms 2
Database Tools Forms 3
Database Tools Reports

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Topic Title Output
Basic Data Management Review
Basic List Review
Combining Basics Shrub Volume [txt]
Data Analysis Code Shuffle
Debugging Fix the Code 1
Dictionaries Species Composition 2
Expressions & Variables Basic Expressions [txt]
Expressions & Variables Basic Variables [txt]
Expressions & Variables Modify the Code 1 [txt]
Expressions & Variables More Variables [txt]
Expressions & Variables Variable Reassignment
For Loops Exponential Growth 1
For Loops Repeat Strings
For Loops While
Functions Built-in Functions [txt]
Functions for Loop
Functions GC Content 2 [txt]
Functions Nested Functions
Functions Use and Modify [txt]
Functions Writing Functions [txt]
Graphing Adult vs Newborn Size 1 [png] [png] [png]
Graphing Mammal Body Size 3 [png]
Graphing Mass vs Metabolism [png] [png]
Higher Order Functions DNA
Higher Order Functions Species Area Relationship 1
Inheritance Platypus 4
Libraries Species Area Relationship 2
List Comprehensions Platypus 5
Lists Bird Banding 1 [txt]
Lists Bird Banding 2
Lists Bird Banding 3
Lists DNA Complement 1
Lists DNA or RNA 2
Lists Loop
Lists Nested Lists 1
Lists Nested Lists 2
Lists Ultimate Question 2
Loops Improve Your Code [txt]
Loops Shrub Dimensions 1 [txt]
Loops Shrub Dimensions 2
Loops Shrub Dimensions 3
Making Choices Choice Operators [txt]
Making Choices DNA or RNA 1 [txt]
Making Choices GC Content 3
Making Choices Modify the Code 2 [txt]
Making Choices Unit Conversion Challenge
Modules math Functions [txt]
Object Oriented Programming Platypus 1
Object Oriented Programming Platypus 2
Object Oriented Programming Platypus 3
Problem Decomposition Exponential Growth 2
Regular Expressions List the Rodents 1
Regular Expressions List the Rodents 2
Scientific DNA Complement 2
Scientific Mammal Body Size 1 [txt]
Scientific Mammal Body Size 2 [txt]
Scientific Shrub Volume 2 [txt]
Scientific Size-biased Extinction 1
Scientific Size-biased Extinction 2
Scientific Tree Biomass
Sets Species Composition 1
Shell Bird Counts 1
Shell Bird Counts 2
Shell Executable Programs
Shell Finding Things
Shell Getting Started
Shell Pipes and Filters
Shell Server
Statistics Adult vs Newborn Size 2 [txt] [png]
Statistics Mammal Body Size 4 [txt]
Statistics Shrub Volume 3 [txt]
Strings GC Content 1 [txt]
Strings Long Strings [txt]
Strings Print Strings [txt]
Strings Split Strings [txt]
Strings string Functions [txt]
Strings string Methods [txt]
Strings Strings and Math
Strings Ultimate Question 1
Tests Fix the Code 2
Tests Refactor
Version Control Add and Revert Comment
Version Control Fix the Code
Version Control Merge Conflict
Version Control Predict Richness
Version Control Pull and Move
Version Control Revert
Version Control Richness Merge Conflict
Version Control Richness Revert
Version Control Set Up Git

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Topic Title Output
Basic Data Management Review [txt] [txt]
Basic Vector Review [txt]
Combining Basics Shrub Volume Carbon [txt]
Data Analysis Code Shuffle [jpeg]
Data Frames Database CSV [txt]
Data Frames Shrub Volume Data Frame [txt]
Debugging Debug the Code [txt]
dplyr Collect from Databases [txt]
dplyr Databases Copy to Database [txt]
dplyr Databases Manipulate Query [txt]
dplyr Databases NEON Mammals [jpeg] [txt] [jpeg] [jpeg]